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April 2, 2016

My Daily & Weekly Workflows

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I set up daily & weekly action items in Todoist to get reminders for the processes I want to implement regularly from Do More Better and What’s Best Next (I highly recommend both books). My primary tools are Gmail, Drive, Todoist and IFTTT.

Do More Better – Tim Challies


What’s Best Next – Matt Perman








Inline image 1

Todoist for Chrome

Add tasks from any email or web page.

Todoist for Android

Add tasks from any web page – Press Share:


MyRecipes https://ifttt.com/myrecipes/personal

Calendar to Todoist

If any new event added on Danny Wahlquist Calendar, then create a task in 0 Actions Todoist

Feedly to Todoist

When saving a news article for later reading, create a task in your ToDo list.

Todoist to Calendar

New Task add event?

Gmail to Todoist

If starred in Gmail, add Todoist task

Android Photos to Dropbox

Upload screenshots from your Android device to Dropbox

Gmail to Evernote

Simply label a Gmail “Evernote” to send it there

Gmail to Todoist

Emails labeled with “todoist” to Todoist

Gmail to Todoist

Inbox Pinned email to Todoist

Pocket to Todoist

Add your Pocket reading list to Todoist

IFTTT news to Todoist

If new IFTTT news, create a task to check it out

Youtube to Todoist

If new video added watch later on YouTube, create a Todoist task

Pocket to Todoist

If Pocket item tagged #mustread then create a task in Todoist

Gmail to Todoist

Label an email as “Urgent” in Gmail to create a new Todoist task for today

Todoist to Evernote

Todoist-IFTTT Hack– New task append a todo to note

Feedly to Pocket

Articles saved for later in Feedly get saved for later in Pocket too

NYT Technology to Email

Receive an email when a NYT Technology article becomes popular

Gmail to Feedly

Save Online Articles to Feedly save for later – Send trigger@recipe.ifttt.comany email from dannywahlquist@gmail.com

G+ to Twitter

New feed item matches ‘#twitter’ fromhttp://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run?GoogleID=101142129627496142967&_id=f2e3dcd8713ac3f76de31496996b807e&_render=rss

Android to Todoist

Add a new reminder for your missed phone calls


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