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June 13, 2015


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“In Christian teaching, any and all challenges must be placed within the context of announcing what God has done or promises to do. It’s the very opposite of self-help teaching. I admit it’s easy to jump straight to the “should dos,”“to dos,” and “how tos” when preaching or teaching. It seems to meet the listeners where they are. It has the “appearance of wisdom” (Col. 2:23). It feels practical, applicable, and responsible. Yet, in the process, evangelical churches and books become filled with moralism. In my experience, many evangelical churches proclaim the gospel as the path of salvation, but then quickly switch to moralism and self-help as the way of sanctification.”

From Reverberations by Jonathan Leeman


June 6, 2015

Some Favorite Quotes From Reverberation by Jonathan Leeman

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Reverberation: How God’s Word Brings Light, Freedom, and Action to His People (IX Marks) by Jonathan Leeman

Some favorite quotes from the first half:

the “ministry of the Word” indeed begins in the pulpit, but then it must continue through the life of the church as members echo God’s Word back and forth to one another.

Our goal now is to trace the Word and Spirit’s power from one area of the church’s life to another, almost like we were following the flow of electricity through power lines from one building to the next.

A temptation looms before you, and you know better than to say yes, but you grab it anyway. You can’t help it. The promise of pleasure persuades you that any trouble will be worth it.

Sin doesn’t place its chain around your neck, but around your heart—its desires.

the sinful nature is utterly unable to love God more than oneself, to desire God’s glory, and to joyfully embrace His rule.

What humans need is not a change of mind about God, but a change of nature. They need to be born again, given spiritual sight, set free.

When you, therefore, say to the world, “Hey, don’t count us among the uncool, but count us among the cool,” you merely play into the hands of the world’s systems of law, justification, and separation of the “righteous” and the “unrighteous.” People will come to your church, but you’ll have a church full of Pharisees—style Pharisees, ethnic Pharisees, music Pharisees, and more.

“Wear your Sunday best because God is pleeeeased when we dress up.” No, He’s not (Ps. 51:16–17; Joel 2:13). Saying so is anti-gospel.

What will I as a church leader wear? Hopefully, something that people won’t pay any attention to at all—something that will neither attract nor distract.

There’s a difference between removing distractions … and creating attractions.

The gospel alone creates unity. Start there. Then, watch how the gospel creates a love which should in turn prompt us to sacrifice our own cultural preferences.

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