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July 5, 2014

Part 7 Gift Projection from Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne

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Some favorite quotes from Part 7 Gift Projection

“I had a bad case of gift projection, the chocolate-covered arrogance that assumes that everyone is just like me — or will be when they grow up”

“There is no more dangerous place to be than sitting in the seat of an accidental Pharisee, pretending to know and dispense God’s will for everyone else.”

“nowhere in the Bible are we called to be adventuresome and risk-taking. We’re called to be obedient.”

“1 It begins with a failure to grasp the true gravity and depths of my own sin. 2 It’s followed by a heightened disgust for the sins of others. 3 It’s then justified by a cut-and-paste theology that emphasizes some of the hard sayings of Jesus while pretty much ignoring those that speak of his compassion, mercy, and grace.”

“When the radicalness of my commitment, the intensity of my zeal, or the extent of my personal sacrifices become the means to receive or maintain God’s acceptance and approval, the good news of the gospel is no longer good news to anyone except those of us who excel.”

“Our hope is not in what we do for God. Our hope is in what God has done for us. That’s the gospel. That’s discipleship in a nutshell. And that’s what keeps people like you and me from becoming accidental Pharisees.”


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