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December 20, 2013

Some favorite quotes from Chapter 15 So, What Now? of Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp

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Some favorite quotes from Chapter 15 So, What Now? of Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp

You are called to a position of leadership, influence, and prominence, but in that position you are called to “humble yourself under the mighty hand of God”

pray that he would give me such a profound satisfaction in his glory that I would have no interest in seeking my own.

He is actively caring for you and me even in those moments when we don’t understand his care and can’t figure out what he is doing.

You will go back again and again to 1 Peter 5

why does the Devil want to get you to think that you have been chosen for particular suffering? He does because he wants you to do the one thing that will weaken you and ultimately destroy your ministry. He wants you to begin to question the presence, goodness, faithfulness, and grace of God. This is his most powerful weapon.

Perhaps the military man doesn’t suffer injury, but he will suffer the suspension of his life, he will suffer separation from his loved ones, he will suffer the fear, tension, and exhaustion of battle, he will suffer the horror of seeing and experiencing things that no human should, and he will be hit with the guilt of being a survivor who wishes he could have done more. In the same way, gospel ministry puts you on the front line and exposes you to the personal and corporate dangers of war. It is impossible to be in ministry and not be affected.

When you look to your own resources of wisdom and strength, needing to be more righteous than you actually are, you set yourself up for failure because you do not reach out for moment-by-moment grace.

Perhaps this is the only thing that this book you have just read is about. It is a detailed exposition of what happens in the life of a person in ministry when he forgets to preach to himself the same gospel that he gives to others.


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