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August 30, 2013

Krome: Your Notifications On Your Desktop Browser | Android.AppStorm

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Krome: Your Notifications On Your Desktop Browser | Android.AppStorm.

Enabled Google Now flag in Chrome. Need to study this!


August 24, 2013

Chapter 11 of Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp

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Some favorite quotes from Chapter 11 Between the Already and the Not Yet of Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp

“My preaching and teaching was more law than gospel.”

“we are often better theological gatekeepers than tender and humble spokesmen for the gospel.”

“It’s pride, not humility, that makes it hard to say no.”

“There are times when we live and work with God’s kingdom in view; there are other times when we love ourselves and have a wonderful plan for our lives.”

“Gospel-driven, Christ-centered ministry, one that gives grace to those who hear, doesn’t start with theological knowledge; no, it starts with a humble heart.”

August 18, 2013

Relentless, Transforming Grace

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Notes from Relentless, Transforming Grace, Genesis 32:24-32 by Rev. Rob Chisholm

He was alone. Initially he recognized God of Abraham & Isaac, but eventually God of Israel (his God). We need community, but also intensely personal.

1. Jacob gets a new Walk of humility. God’s grace is not always gentle. Trust completely versus walk normally. God gives weakness so we can know His strength.

2. Jacob gets a new Name (Israel, not Jacob-deceiver to prevailer).

3. Jacob gets a renewed Blessing. We grow by renewed encounters with God. The Word & Prayer- the means of grace. God’s relentless grace to save & change. God would be with him. He saw God and Esau (picture of God). By grace, walk in humility this week.

August 17, 2013

Chapter 10 Mediocrity of Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp

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Some favorite quotes from Chapter 10 Mediocrity of Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp

“It is necessary for me to live with a passage, to carry it around with me and to marinate my soul with its nourishing and thirst-quenching waters.”

“not powerfully preach a glorious Christ, who is powerfully present in every passage you will ever be called to preach. You will default to offering people a system of redemption (theology and rules), but you will not help them to find their hope and help in a redeemer.”

“when I prepare the content of a message, it is the message that I’ll be preaching in three or four weeks.”

August 2, 2013

Chapter 9 Dirty Secrets of Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp

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Some favorite quotes from Chapter 9 Dirty Secrets of Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp

“much of what he did was not done out of faith but out of fear.”

“Some will love you and have a wonderful plan for your life!”

“How much ministry is diverted by actions, reactions, and responses that are rooted not in fear of God but in fear of man?”

“we find questions of the future hard to deal with because we find it difficult to trust God.”

“When my trust in God is greater than my fear of the unknown, I will be able to rest,”

“There are times when fear causes all of us to be way too controlling.”

“Does God loom so large in your thoughts that you grow strong in faith, even in the middle of what is unexpected and difficult?”

“You need to preach a gospel to yourself that does not find its rest in you getting it right but in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.”

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