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July 11, 2013

Jul 11: Indonesia, Sulawesi | Operation World

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The fledgling democratic government faces a daunting task. Its first years were marked by powerlessness in the face of extremist demands from strident Islamists and manipulation by the powerful former regime and military. Positive signs see moderation and democracy taking root and displacing the old culture of extremism, corruption, cronyism and nepotism. There is a long way to go, however, to see political, economic and social renewal. Pray that the president, vice-president and the People’s Consultative Assembly may be courageous, decisive and fair in bringing betterment to the whole nation.


Challenge for Prayer

Less-reached peoples are many, but there are small Christian minorities in most of the larger groups. Pray specifically for:

a) The Bugis (5m) and related Makassar (2.1m) of South Sulawesi, with colonies all around the coast. Trading is their major occupation. By Indonesian standards, Islam is more orthodox among them. There are a few thousand Christians among these groups, the Makassar being one of the few significant orthodox Muslim groups responding in any numbers to the gospel.

b) The Muslim Gorontalo (more than 1m), a cluster of five Muslim-animist peoples scattered around the north, and the Bungku-Bajau cluster in the southeast. There are some small churches indigenous to these peoples, but response is slow and many areas remain untouched.

via Jul 11: Indonesia, Sulawesi | Operation World.


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