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February 26, 2013

The Overflow Devotional Plans on YouVersion

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February 25, 2013

Prof Horner’s Bible Reading Plan on the Kindle

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Prof Horner’s Bible Reading Plan on the Kindle

I’ve just recently started using Prof Horner’s Reading Plan to read through the Bible.  If you’re not familiar with his method, you read a chapter from each of 10 different lists (i.e., 10 chapters a day) every day, just keeping a bookmark in each of those 10 places in your Bible.  You get a much broader exposure to different genres while getting simply a lot of Scripture flowing through your mind.

I’ve always been a got-to-read-the-Bible-in-hardcopy kind of person.  But as I’ve been doing this system I’ve been playing around with doing it on my wife’s tablet using OliveTree.  It works and I’m happy with it.  (There’s a scrolling bug that’s annoying, but I’m sure they’ll fix that soon enough).  I just read until OliveTree presents me with a big gray button that I click and it takes me to the next place I’m supposed to read.

The difficulty is that the tablet is Melodye’s, not mine.  She’s very generous and hasn’t complained a bit, but … I started wondering if it would work to do it on my kindle.

I started off trying to figure out if there wasn’t some way to create a set of links or something, but I haven’t had time to explore that in detail yet.  I came across this site which described a new way to do it.  The only awkward thing in her system was that you had to keep track of which copy of the Bible you were using and when you were switching from one book to another or restarting that list.

(Incidentally, I really like the way she re-did the 10 lists into 9 — the frequency of Job, Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon was just over the top before.  However, I wish there was some way to get the historical books a little more frequently…  But I digress.)

So with just a little research I found this utility which you can download here.

  1. Download the utility mentioned above.
  2. Open up the zip file and copy or extract the file mobi2mobi.exe into what will be your working directory (c:\tmp or c:\users\yourname\Downloads or wherever you will be working)
  3. Go onto Amazon and find the ESV Bible.  You will use “Buy Now with One-Click” as soon as you choose “Transfer via Computer” from the “Deliver to:” field.  (You will have to tell them which kindle you are sending it to during the process of downloading it.  Make sure you get the resulting file into your working directory.  I am assuming it will be called “The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References).azw”
  4. Copy the text at the bottom of this blog entry into notepad (NOT wordpad or Word or something else – it must be a text editor) and save it into that working directory calling it something like “horner.bat” or something like that.
  5. You may want to edit the titles if you used a customized version of Prof Horner’s reading plan – as I mentioned above, this blog has a nice alternative which fixes one of the glaring problems in the original system and is also a little more Kindle-friendly.  You can make the titles whatever will be helpful to you.
  6. Double-click on that file (“horner.bat”) created in step #4 and perhaps edited in step #5 – it will open up a DOS box that will buzz away for a few minutes and in the process it will create 10 copies of the ESV Bible named esv1.azw, esv2.azw, etc.
  7. Now plug your Kindle into your computer USB, select those 10 files (named esv1.azw, esv2.azw, etc.), copy them and paste them into the “Documents” folder on your Kindle.
  8. Eject your kindle from your computer.
  9. Now when you go into your Kindle you will see 10 different copies of the ESV.  Since the Kindle automatically keeps track of where you are in each book, you will just need to open each of these documents when you are reading and go ahead with the next chapter.  When you finish the chapter go back to your home screen and open up the next one.
  10. If you like you can create a new collection called something like “Reading Plan – Horner” or the like and add all of these into there, but that’s an optional extra step.


And whether you use this particular technical solution or not, I do strongly recommend this particular reading plan.  You can find lots of resources (facebook pages, blogs, PDFs, etc.) all over the internet if you just search for “horner reading plan”.

Here’s the text you’ll need to copy/paste into the horner.bat file in step #4:

mobi2mobi --outfile "esv1.azw" --exthtype updatedtitle --exthdata "ESV #1 Matthew-John" --title "ESV #1 Matthew-John" "The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References).azw" mobi2mobi --outfile "esv2.azw" --exthtype updatedtitle --exthdata "ESV #2 Genesis-Deuteronomy" --title "ESV #2 Genesis-Deuteronomy" "The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References).azw" mobi2mobi --outfile "esv3.azw" --exthtype updatedtitle --exthdata "ESV #3 Romans-Colossians, Hebrews" --title "ESV #3 Romans-Colossians, Hebrews" "The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References).azw" mobi2mobi --outfile "esv4.azw" --exthtype updatedtitle --exthdata "ESV #4 Thessalonians-Philemon, James-Revelation" --title "ESV #4 Thessalonians-Philemon, James-Revelation" "The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References).azw" mobi2mobi --outfile "esv5.azw" --exthtype updatedtitle --exthdata "ESV #5 Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon" --title "ESV #5 Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon" "The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References).azw" mobi2mobi --outfile "esv6.azw" --exthtype updatedtitle --exthdata "ESV #6 Psalms" --title "ESV #6 Psalms" "The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References).azw" mobi2mobi --outfile "esv7.azw" --exthtype updatedtitle --exthdata "ESV #7 Proverbs" --title "ESV #7 Proverbs" "The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References).azw" mobi2mobi --outfile "esv8.azw" --exthtype updatedtitle --exthdata "ESV #8 Joshua-Esther" --title "ESV #8 Joshua-Esther" "The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References).azw" mobi2mobi --outfile "esv9.azw" --exthtype updatedtitle --exthdata "ESV #9 Isaiah-Malachi" --title "ESV #9 Isaiah-Malachi" "The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References).azw" mobi2mobi --outfile "esv10.azw" --exthtype updatedtitle --exthdata "ESV #10 Acts" --title "ESV #10 Acts" "The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (with Cross-References).azw"

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Love this plan!

Original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Jelly Bean Soak Test About to Go Down – Droid Life

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The original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX are about to officially receive Jelly Bean.

I am ready!

Joy Throughout Our Days

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The chief end of man is to love God and enjoy Him forever.” Not just serve Him, not just obey Him, not just sacrifice to Him, not simply commit ourselves to Him, but enjoy Him—”laugh through life with Him.” Smile in His presence. So much more is included in enjoying Him forever than most would ever believe.

Pay The Price

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Do you want to pay the price of the spiritual disciplines you need to practice in order to grow?”  from Holiness Day by Day by Jerry Bridges

February 24, 2013

The Elder and His Work by David Dickson

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Some of my favorite quotes from this quick read from the late 1800s:

“The usefulness of an elder will depend in the long run more on his character than on his gifts and knowledge.”

“The world is not governed by logic, and to do much good in it, especially as Christian men and elders, the words of truth we speak must come warm from our hearts, or they fall cold and pointless.”

“Dr. Chalmers said, “The way into a man’s heart is in at the door of his house.” And he must keep up this knowledge by visiting them from time to time.”

“In every way let an elder seek to stir up his people to pray—private prayer especially, but social also. Prayer is the most practical and powerful thing in the world, for it moves the Hand that moves the universe.”

“Every elder is himself in danger of backsliding, and so are his people. Watching over this is part of his duty as appointed to feed the flock (literally, to tend them like a shepherd); and it is required of him that he be found faithful in this.”

“Surely it becomes a minister’s people, and especially his elders, to give him their hearty sympathy and earnest prayers. Marvelous power, this power of sympathy.”

“I have said so much on this subject because of my deep conviction that we elders fall short in this duty of sympathizing fully with our ministers in their work.”

from The Elder and His Work by David Dickson

February 23, 2013

No Place To Hide

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February 22, 2013

The Life of Howard G. “Prof” Hendricks – Dallas Theological Seminary

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“You’re looking at a completely fulfilled human being. If I died today having produced some of the people God has given me the privilege of shaping, it will have been worth showing up on the planet.”

—Prof Hendricks to the Dallas Morning News, 2003

How China Plans to Wipe Out House Churches | Christianity Today

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The number of Protestant house-church Christians has been estimated at between 45 million and 60 million.

Listen, Learn and Lead

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