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August 24, 2012

Mark 5 Evangelism from Nine Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever

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Mark 5 Evangelism

Will Metzger’s book Tell the Truth is probably the best single book I know of on evangelism.

God is glorified not just by our speaking the message but by our actually living consistently with it—not that any of us can live perfectly,

Our individual lives alone are not a sufficient witness. Our lives together as church communities are the confirming echo of our witness.

Defending the virgin birth of Christ or the historicity of the Resurrection is very important, but it is not evangelism.

John Stott said that “To ‘evangelize’ . . . does not mean to win converts . . . but simply to announce the good news, irrespective of the results.”

To evangelize is to declare on the authority of God what he has done to save sinners, to warn men of their lost condition, to direct them to repent, and to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.10

I’m concerned that you will actually damage the evangelistic mission of the church by making false converts, filling churches with people who don’t really know Jesus.

You will tell them stories in such a way that they will cry, their hearts will be tugged, and they will make a sincere decision, but they will not be confronted by the reality of their sins, by their need to repent, and by the Holy Ghost.

We need to see an end to church memberships markedly larger than the number of those involved with the church, and an end to inaction in our own lives as we ignore the evangelistic mandate—the call to share the Good News. We need to see the end of this debilitating, deadly coldness to the glorious call to tell the Good News.


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