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May 25, 2011

IBM looks set to sustain march on tech rivals – The Economic Times

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IBM is now the second most valuable tech company, behind only Apple , after surpassing Microsoft’s market capitalization this week.


May 20, 2011

Top Tweeters: Social media champs – @Dell, @DellCares, @Direct2Dell (and many more) (3) – FORTUNE

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Every employee — all 100,000 — will in the future have a social radio (think widgets and smartphone apps) to tune to their specific part of business on a smartphone, notebook or desktop.

In the World of Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, Dell’s Social DNA Serves Its Brand Well – Allen Adamson – BrandSimple – Forbes

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All of us at Dell, including Michael, start every staff meeting with a customer story, and then we talk about how we could have made the customer experience even better. If you fundamentally believe that being customer-centric is the right thing to do, opportunities will follow. But you have to believe in it.

Businesses Need to Look at Security as a Military Operation | PCWorld Business Center

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This is a chess match,” says Barry Hensley, a retired U.S. Army colonel who was in charge of the army’s global network operations and security center. He is now vice president of Dell SecureWorks’ Counter Threat Unit. “Can you lock down a network? Probably not. Can you defend a network? Yes you can.

look at security as a military exercise

May 6, 2011

Happy birthday Dell: The beginning of an evolution/revolution | TG Daily

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It is surprising how many technology companies don’t deploy their own offerings and don’t understand why their customers, when they learn of this, don’t trust them.

What Dell is doing goes beyond just eating your own dog food; it is more buying food you’d prefer to eat yourself and then sharing the food with your clients.

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