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June 25, 2010

Productivity Tip: Google Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

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Google Reader has an extensive list of available shortcuts. It would take quite a bit of effort to learn how to use them all, so in this post I’m just going to share those that I use every day to make trawling through my feeds a little bit faster.

  • r: Refresh view
  • a: Add a new subscription
  • /: Search (moves the cursor to the search box)
  • j/k: Select the next item in the list. You can use this to rapidly scan through a feed.
  • Space/shift-space: Page down/up, which enables you to scan through longer articles and posts easily.
  • Shift-n/shift-p: Select the next/previous feed in the list of feeds.
  • Shift-o: Open selected feed.
  • m: Mark current item read (or unread).
  • Shift-a: Mark all items in the current feed as read. This is handy when you subscribe to as many feeds as I do and are constantly confronted by over 1,000 unread items.
  • v: View original. This is useful for jumping to the web site or blog the item comes from. Note that this opens the original site in a new window, which your popup blocker may disallow.


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