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June 30, 2010

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How does Microsoft use SharePoint Internally? http://ping.fm/mWLLT


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Bass Pro Is a Go http://ping.fm/fkcNv

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The evolution of Windows Live Spaces http://ping.fm/PS4yb

Pasta with Spinach-Basil Sauce and more delicious recipes, smart cooking tips, and video demonstrations on marthastewart.com

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Pasta with Spinach-Basil Sauce
Pasta with Spinach-Basil Sauce

Pasta with Spinach-Basil Sauce

Prep: 30 minutes Total: 30 minutes

With Basil from the garden!

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30 habits that will improve your life http://ping.fm/kDtm7

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Brand strategy first, social media tactics second http://ping.fm/rYOZ1

Fit and Finish: Insight from the Ironworks User Experience Group

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I think both will be here to stay for a long time and as new platforms like the mobile space gain prominence, we may see some new technologies emerge.  And I’ll have to be ready.  I’m excited about the future for interactive development and hope that HTML5 takes off.  But while I’m waiting, I have some viable choices that I can offer my clients today.

The Gospel According to Tolkien

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“Some people view Tolkien’s tale of wizards, hobbits, and elves as escapism for those  fleeing reality. But in The Gospel According to Tolkien, Ralph Wood argues that the Lord of the Rings helps us to ‘escape into reality.’”

“Wood points out that, far from being a shiny, happy escape fantasy, the Lord of the Rings deals effectively and movingly with subjects like death, war, hopelessness, tyranny, temptation, and the sinfulness of human nature. In short, it clearly reflects the turbulent twentieth century that Tolkien experienced, a time not very different from our own. As Wood writes, ‘Far from encouraging us to turn away from such evils, Tolkien’s book forces us to confront them. Rather than grinding our faces in these horrors, however, it suggests a cure for the ills of our age.’”

“That’s because Tolkien’s work, though not explicitly Christian, is grounded in his Christian understanding of the world. Unlike the pagan epics from which Tolkien drew in writing his book — or the modernist novels of many of his contemporaries — the Lord of the Rings conveys a profound sense of hope. For although the story shows evil as horrifyingly real and destructive, it also shows the power and strength of goodness. The heroic actions of small, ordinary creatures against an overwhelming threat echo the biblical themes of God’s strength being made perfect in weakness and the last becoming first. As Tolkien wrote elsewhere, a crucial theme in his work is ‘the ennoblement (or sanctification) of the humble.’ At the same time, as characters struggle against their own personal temptations, they show the weakness and fallibility of the human heart and our need for guidance and grace.”

“C. S. Lewis wrote of The Lord of the Rings, ‘As we read we find ourselves sharing [the characters’] burden; when we have finished, we return to our own life not relaxed but fortified.’ Lewis and Tolkien knew, and Ralph Wood reminds us in his book, that there is a kind of escapism that Christians ought to encourage — that is, the escape from a narrow, earthbound view of our own circumstances. This kind of escapism helps us to look at the bigger picture and understand the eternal moral truths governing our lives.”

“Why not invite a skeptical friend to watch one or all of the three Lord of the Rings films with you? Discuss with the issues afterwards over coffee.”

from How Now Shall We Live Devotional by Charles Colson


Calling Evil By Its Name

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“Nowhere does the clash of worldviews have greater social impact than in the denial of sin and the consequent loss of moral responsibility. As Christians we need to learn to detect false ideas and to show why they are wrong. For if we fail to recognize prevailing worldviews, the worst that may happen is that we ourselves will be sucked into false thinking unawares—and lose our distinctive message.”

“And that would be disastrous, not only for ourselves but also for American society as a whole.”

from How Now Shall We Live Devotional by Charles Colson

Why is there such fascination with evil on our culture? i.e. Twilight

Witnessing To The Truth

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“We need to be aware of moral messages in films – messages  that may be as small as a cigarette in the hand of a glamorous star. And we must make certain that we ourselves do not make any kind of sin look attractive to others. We will ultimately regret it – and so will those who take our ungodly ‘advice’.”

from How Now Shall We Live Devotional by Charles Colson

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