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July 24, 2006

Bureacracy Termites: Blogs, Wiki’s, and Information Markets

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“Despite much talk about new organization forms, and networks, most profit making organizations have more in common with the Roman Army than any new form of self organized, self directed network of value.  Many organizations I visit have traditional bureaucratic mechanisms for command and control, and you hear executives recite ancient verities like, “What gets measured gets managed” and “Ideas are easy; execution is hard” and “Great implementation is more important that great strategy”.  There are many reasons that I think these observations are, at best, half right, but that is a topic for another day.  I suggest that most large organizations are gigantic bureaucracies — with rules and roles, and often successful ones at that.  They don’t call themselves bureaucracies for that French word went out of fashion well before the proponents of Freedom Fries began their Franco-phobia.  Yet, most organizations look a lot like the traditional “M-form” hierarchy which was pioneered by DuPont, Sears, and GM, as the brilliant business historian Al Chandler pointed out so long ago.”

from http://www.svioklascontext.com/2006/05/bureacracy_term.html


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