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June 17, 2006

Our Mother Is Gone for Paul Wahlquist, August 7, 1946

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The mother of this editor, after a painful and lingering illness of 65 weeks' duration, six weeks of the time in an Oklahoma City hospital, has passed away at her home in Mammoth Springs. The Democrat, our father's newspaper, has to say of the sad event :

The saddest death notice that it has been our duty to chronicle is this one. We recorded hundreds of them during the almost half a century of the existence of this paper. We have written the stories of father, six children, wife's father and mother and brother, and hundreds of very dear friends; but the hardest of all is this one – – of our wife, the mother of our children.

Annie is gone.

Sooner or later the news will be flashed Will Wahlquist is dead.

Wife died Wednesday, September 4, at 2:25 .p.m., aged 60 years, 7 months and 22 days.

We were wedded July 6, 1890. She became the mother of 11 children and reared 11 orphans, not one of them went wrong.

She was the daughter of N. H. Melton of Violet Hill, Izard County Frances E. Melton who died in our home. She leaves one brother, W. W. Melton, Depew, Okla. and one half-brother, Chester Melton, Brockwell, Izard County.

She was an exceptionally fine woman, a real Christian and very charitable.

We will miss her very much.

Present during the last illness and death were all our living children, Clyde

and Paul from Oklahoma City, Charley & Bryan and Mrs. Conrad Leichner and Mrs. Albert Cole, residing here.

The funeral was preached by Mary Ramsey, Pentecostal Minister of Salem. Was one of the best and most appropriate we ever heard. Also the song service conducted by Joe Ramsey and the floral offering was immense, all of which endeared our people to us.

The funeral was conducted by the Tri-County Burial Association, Mack Lewis, Undertaker.

Interment was at Riverside Cemetery Thursday, September 5, 1935.

For Paul August 7, 1946.


June 7, 2006

Good Interface Design = Money

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"More often than not, design is the odd man out of the software engineering process. A business analyst who took a print design course in college might throw together some ideas that wind up becoming a product, or a coder will mockup a rough prototype to display functionality which never gets changed before the shipping date. A laissez-faire attitude toward design usually results in sub par software and a huge reservoir of uncollected profits."

from http://blog.arc90.com/2006/06/good_interface_design_money.php

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